KSA and ZonMw release a new program to stop gambling harm

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KSA and ZonMw release a new program to stop gambling harm

KSA releases a new program for those who are struggling with gambling addiction which was created by ZonMw health research organization in the Netherlands.

Over a year ago KSA stated that ZonMw is going to help to work on the program.

With the new scheme they will be issuing research which was done by Trimbos almost a year ago.

According to KSA the program is created to collect more knowledge on how to stop and treat addiction and harms caused by gambling. They will also be trying to have new treatment methods created.

They are anticipating having to have the 1st found for the research in the near future. ZonMw is going to do both short and long programs in order to have quick results.

The research is going to concentrate on stopping the issues created by gambling, treating them and having solutions for vulnerable people. They are also going to need to conduct the research in physical and digital behavior.

highlighted the statement from Trimbos.

It is known that the Addiction Prevention Fund finances the program. The fund was established under the Remote Gambling Act law in the Netherlands.