KSA penalizes MKC Limited for illegal offerings

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KSA penalizes MKC Limited for illegal offerings

KSA continues to uncover betting companies that operate illegally in the Netherlands, and now it’s MKC Limited, a sport betting and online casino operator.

KSA sanctioned the penalty order after an investigation, during which it was shown that the site is accessible to Dutch people, without an operator having the appropriate licenses. KSA announced that MKC Limited needs to stop offering games of chance and if not it has to pay a penalty of 84 thousand euros.

The investigation on the operator was done after one of the supervisors entered the website earlier in May and June. While entering the website it was possible to create an account, make payments and play, no actions were taken for Dutch consumers. The site let users set Netherlands as location and was even available in Dutch language, however it did not refer to Dutch addiction care specialists.

Moreover, the webpage had traffic from the country especially during last year.

Beginning from October 1st, 2021 licensed providers were able to offer their products, but they needed to be inline with strict conditions. These conditions were made for providing legal and safe offers.

highlighted the statement from KSA.