KSA reports €80m GGR in the Netherlands

  • Friday 30 September, 2022
KSA reports €80m GGR in the Netherlands

KSA issued statistics for the 1st year of licensed online gambling in the Netherlands, showing an 85% sewer level and an income of about 80 million euros per month.

One of the main goals of the Distance Gambling Act 2020, a law which made provisions to release a legal market in the country, was to achieve an 80% sewer level. the presence of 8out of 10 players using legally licensed websites for their gambling activities. A year after the full implementation of the law, a study conducted by the research firm Ipsos on behalf of the Online Gambling Association of the Netherlands reports that the new regime has provided an 85% level of sewerage.

KSA stated that there are some reasons to doubt the figures of the top line. Since the Ipsos survey allowed respondents to choose only from a list of 22 illegal providers, and currently there are many more unlicensed sites operating in the country, KSA states that the figures of 85% probably overestimate the overall level of sewerage.

The KSA can also assess the sewer level by analyzing web traffic, although the data does not distinguish between those who play on the website and those who just visit. Web traffic statistics are useful mostly as a tool to study the total time spent on a website and as a proxy server for comparison with other data sources, such as survey results.

While the release of the regulated market quickly led to an increase in legal and a reduction in illegal offers, the figures demonstrate a steady sector of the gray and black market, hanging at about 20% of the total number of hours spent on the gambling website. Combined with the caveats to the Ipsos survey, this indicates that a slightly lower sewer level than the stated 85% may be closer to the truth.

Gross Gaming Revenue  for the country is approximately 80 million dollars each month. Having peaked in January at 90 million euros, revenue has hardly changed since then. KSA noted that this happened despite the fact that new participants continue to enter the market.

Further analysis of the data showcased that most of the revenue comes from online casinos, which is approximately 69 million euros out of the total market volume of 86 million euros in July.