Light & Wonder confirmed to be listed on ASX

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Light & Wonder confirmed to be listed on ASX

Light & Wonder was revealed to be included on the Australian Stock Exchange list. The listing will appear on the official Australian stock as an ASX Listing and is anticipated to be in force from May 18.

The formal trading of L&W CDIs is scheduled to begin on May 22nd. Every CDI shows itself a completely funded share of common stock. L&W has announced that present sharers have surged in maintaining their holdings as shares on L&W’s main listing on NASDAQ in the United States do not need to plan any steps. Nevertheless, shareholders have the choice to turn all their actions or a part into CDIs.

The group highlighted that there is no guarantee of the timing or success of these processes and that final confirmation by the ASX is required for the secondary listing and official quotation.

Following L&W’s report of a 17.1% annual surge in profit for the Q1 of 2023, the approval for the secondary listing has been confirmed. This exceptional performance was attributed to the remarkable achievements of L&W’s social gaming companies, which achieved record-breaking results.

Throughout the quarter, all of L&W’s business sectors saw a double-digit increase, with the gaming department continuing to be the company’s main profit generator. The Q1 overall profit of $670 million was above the $572 million earned during the same period the previous year. Notably, online gambling profits amounted to $419 million, while SciPlay and iGaming contributed $186 million and $65 million, respectively.