Livespins signs content deal with Caleta Gaming

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Livespins signs content deal with Caleta Gaming

The agreement between Caleta Gaming and Livespins come shortly after Brazil passed regulations legalizing online sports betting, rousing what is commonly referred to as the dormant powerhouse of LatAm.

With this development, operators focusing on this region have the chance to introduce Livespins, featuring localized content from Caleta Gaming, to their audience base.

Livespins is situated within the casino interface and enables players not only to spectate as their preferred streamer, brand representative, or celebrity spins the reels but also to actively participate by placing bets in sync with the ongoing action.

Livespins centers around fostering social interaction. The inclusion of the “bet behind” option cultivates a sense of collective wagering and shared user engagement, while still granting each individual the autonomy to choose their preferred bet amount and spin amount. Furthermore, players have the capability to engage in real-time conversations with both the streamer and fellow participants.

Michael Pedersen, CCO at Livespins, mentioned:

Brazil is poised to emerge as a major player in the global online gambling arena. Operators seeking to establish a presence in this market or capitalize on the broader Latin American region must prioritize offering tailored content and immersive experiences to cater to players. This encompasses not only providing slot and casino content in languages like Brazilian Portuguese, but also introducing games meticulously crafted for this unique market. This is precisely the forte of Caleta Gaming – creating titles that align with this strategy. By integrating Caleta Gaming’s games with our acclaimed platform, operators are empowered to furnish cutting-edge casino encounters that are deeply rooted in the local context.

Gabriel Cardoso Mendes, Head of Creative and Product at Caleta Gaming, added:

Livespins introduces a fresh avenue through which we can distribute our content to both casinos and users, capitalizing on the substantial and largely untapped potential presented by casino streaming. This collaboration enables us to showcase our games to a broader audience than ever, particularly reaching the valuable yet challenging-to-engage Millennial and Generation Z segments. This partnership perfectly commemorates the entrance into the Brazilian market, signifying an ideal way to mark this milestone alongside Livespins.

Notably, players can also express their reactions, emotions, and even share animated gifs that resonate with the dynamic gameplay offered by Caleta Gaming’s titles.

Livespins introduces an entirely fresh approach for developers like Caleta Gaming to deliver their games to casinos and users. This very innovation led it to secure the prestigious Innovation in Slot Provision award at the EGR B2B Awards in 2023.

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