Luckbox rejects odd proposals from an activist investor

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Luckbox rejects odd proposals from an activist investor

Real Luck Group has recently published about a couple of opportunistic offers the company got from an activist investor.

The iGaming operator Real Luck Group and its subsidiary Luckbox have recently received two contradictory acquisition offers from the investment firm Kaos Capital and its chief executive Adam Arviv. The operator deemed the propositions as against the interests of its shareholders.

Initially, the investment company’s CEO offered the group a merger with a private corporation. The deal would involve an undervaluation of Real Luck Group’s shares by about 10%, as Arviv offered 9 Canadian cents per share, as opposed to its current public valuation of 10 cents.

Shortly after offering the merger, Arviv changed his mind and proposed a wind-down of the organization, completely disregarding the group’s growing statistics.

After giving a short summary of the proposals made by the investment company, Real Luck Group stated that it is actively working on protecting itself and its investors from opportunistic investors like Arviv who are looking to acquire undervalued businesses to make a quick profit.