LuckyBet has teamed up with Intelitics before the launch

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LuckyBet has teamed up with Intelitics before the launch

LuckyBet has joined the expanding list of global operators utilizing Inteliticsadvanced platform and range of tools to boost its player procurement efforts.

As per the agreement, LuckyBet will leverage Inteliticsdatafocused platform and highend toolkit to oversee all affiliate operations. This move will enable LuckyBet to fully capitalize on the extensive potential of both channels for efficient and widereaching customer procurement.

The Intelitics platform comprises several essential components such as instantaneous personalized dashboards, player monitoring, ad tracking and also automatic recording, that are accessible through a unified platform in realtime.

LuckyBet is striving to deliver a cuttingedge affiliate practices with the aim of boosting brand information and attracting new user registrations.

Moreover, LuckyBet has opted for the advanced GiG platform to run its internetbased casino. Through a strategic collaboration between Intelitics and GiG, the two firms suggest their operator clients seamless availability to Inteliticsservices.

Allan Petrilli, InteliticsSales Vice President, remakes:

Affiliate programs are a potent tool for attracting users, particularly for new operators. For the latter to assess their affiliate programs effectively, they require prompt availability to data and dynamic concepts. This is precisely what our tier one content and platform suggest. We are moved to support LuckyBet in its ambitious global expansion purposes as they strive to turn into a chief position of the industry.

Ian Parke, Chief Executive at LuckyBet, commented:

We aspire to become a topnotch brand in new markets worldwide. Our collaboration with Intelitics will enable us to deliver an amazing entertainment opportunity to our companions, that could show consistent increase in the past 5 years. With this deal, we can offer a broad diapason of tailored player journeys, and we anticipate that this will let us to capture an essential market share in a short span of time.

The collaboration with Intelitics will give LuckyBet’s affiliates the chance to leverage data and analytics, along with adaptable pixel tracking.