Marina Bay Sands in Singapore to build fourth tower by 2029

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Marina Bay Sands in Singapore to build fourth tower by 2029

Marina Bay Sands (MBS), the esteemed casino and hotel resort in Singapore, is embarking on an extensive expansion of its downtown premises, aiming to complete a fourth tower by 2029.

Hindered by the COVID-19 pandemic, MBS announced on Friday its intention to commence full-scale construction by July 2025, targeting completion by July 2029.

Remaining pivotal to Singapore’s tourism, this ambitious expansion project, initially unveiled in 2019 with a budget of 4.5 billion Singapore dollars ($3.33 billion), faced significant delays due to pandemic-induced shutdowns. However, with steadfast support from the Singapore government, MBS is forging ahead with its visionary plans to elevate the city-state’s allure for leisure and business tourism.

Patrick Dumont, President and COO of MBS’s parent company, Las Vegas Sands, underscored the expansion’s importance in fueling high-value tourism growth to Singapore. He emphasized that the project would optimize the venue’s offerings while aligning with Singapore’s strategic objectives, playing a pivotal role in attracting more travelers to the nation.

Having already welcomed over 470 million visitors since its inception, contributing significantly to Singapore’s business tourism appeal by hosting over 1,750 MICE events, MBS aims to stay at the forefront by continuously enhancing its facilities and keeping its offerings innovative and captivating.

In addition to the new luxury hotel tower boasting an impressive sky roof and a 15,000-seat entertainment arena, the planned expansion will provide space for meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions (MICE), alongside introducing fresh dining, beverage, and nightlife options. Separate from the hotel expansion, MBS is investing $1.75 billion in improving its existing amenities.

Anticipating to draw renowned entertainers who may have previously overlooked Southeast Asia in their tours, the new entertainment arena is poised to enhance Singapore’s appeal. Furthermore, the additional MICE space will facilitate hosting more events in the city-state, capitalizing on Macau’s shifting focus towards mainland China.

With international visitor arrivals reaching 71% of pre-pandemic levels in 2023 and tourism profits surging up to $19.2 billion, Singapore’s hospitality sector is on track for a robust recovery. The Singapore Tourism Board foresees further progress this year, buoyed by the gradual restoration of global air travel capacity and the growing interest in South Asia as a leisure destination.