Massachusetts officially launches regulated wagering market

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Massachusetts officially launches regulated wagering market

Massachusetts is the latest regulated sports wagering jurisdiction in the United States.

The launch will only allow retail sports betting in the state, although online wagering is due to be legalized in March. Since its announcement back in August of last year, nearly 30 operators expressed their interest in applying for a license. However, by the application deadline of the 21st of November, only 15 companies had submitted their details.

The Massachusetts Gambling Commission offers operators three types of licenses to operators, namely a category 1, 2, and 3. Category 1 is the main sports wagering certification to offer betting products on-site. Category 3, on the other hand, is the online betting license that will be valid when remote wagering gets legalized in a month. Lastly, Category 2 certifications are only offered to horse racing venues.

The regulator highlighted that out of its 15 applicants, three applied for a category 1 license, five for category 1 and 3, one for category 3 and 2, and six for a category 3 certification.

Lastly, the regulator recently announced a new self-exclusion scheme for bettors in the state. It will allow interested customers to exclude themselves from the pastime via a phone call, online or on-site.