Meet Unibet at Metaverse

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Meet Unibet at Metaverse

Unibet has started a fresh user interface in the metaverse, which is a digital platform that allows individuals to dive into a virtual world.

At the Unibet Arena, users can delve into an array of casino and sports games, each with their distinct arenas and gameplay. With 14 unique quests, hidden zones and promo games will be also available, there’s plenty to explore for players.

Marketing and Sponsorship Manager for Kindred, Pierre Reboux commented:

As part of our commitment to the Kindred Value of innovation, we’ve made a decision to venture into this uncharted area. Rather than opting for one among many existing platforms accessible to brands, we’ve chosen to companion with The Sandboxa French online gambling platform renowned for its unparalleled and huge practice. With this collaboration, we aim to suggest the firstever wagering practice within The Sandbox platform.

To ensure that the customers in the metaverse have access to Unibet’s safer gaming tools, we’ll be setting up a dedicated responsible casino. Additionally, to celebrate the opening, they ran social media competitions, giving unique gifts to lucky winners.

TheFrench weeksevent, which ran from March 23rd to April 6th, included also the Unibet metaverse, which was launched alongside other brands, offering customers to discover their metaverse lands.