Meridianbet to launch CSR-focused Meridian Donate

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Meridianbet to launch CSR-focused Meridian Donate

Meridianbet has introduced a new feature called Meridian Donate to its platform, integrating corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives into its services.

Through this feature, customers can actively engage in and support various environmental, societal, and humanitarian projects facilitated by the Meridianbet Group operator.

Currently, the product fosters partnerships with reputable organizations like the Red Cross and Unicef. The number of individual campaigns on Meridian Donate has increased from eight in 2021 to 20 in 2023, with the platform expanding to encompass eight national markets in 2023, up from three in 2021.

Meridianbet reported that 159 non-governmental organizations have been positively impacted by Meridian Donate, benefiting directly from its contributions.

A spokesman at Meridianbet stated:

In a recent initiative, Meridian Donate has launched a bold global afforestation campaign, committing to plant 20,000 seedlings across diverse regions. This endeavor not only underscores our dedication to environmental causes but also strengthens our brand’s community involvement.

The platform has already recorded several hundred contributions within its first month, indicating strong customer engagement and support for these initiatives.