MERKUR UK continues to support the environmental program

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MERKUR UK continues to support the environmental program

After initiating its collaboration with Ecologi, a climate initiative platform, resulting in the sponsorship of the planting of 25,000 trees, MERKUR UK has now introduced a subsequent series of ecological endeavors in conjunction with the same organization.

The Director of Political and Public Relations at MERKUR UK, Tony Boulton commented:

The magnitude of worldwide challenges must not dissuade enterprises from exploring avenues to play a role in mitigating the progression of the environmental crisis.

He added:

The initiative we’ve financially backed will result in the establishment of 25,000 trees spread across 5,700 ha in Southern Kenya. Recognizing that the overarching goal over a 7-year span is in excess of 14 million trees underscores the collective effort required from numerous companies and organizations. A similar rationale is applied to the realm of renewable energy. The program we handle in Sri Lanka aims to avoid nearly 19,000 tons of CO2-e emissions via the utilization of wind energy. Embracing the role of a responsible corporate entity stands as a cornerstone within MERKUR’s ethos, and I’m thrilled that our initial support has extended to further enrich this remarkable program of initiatives.

The second phase of this partnership involves MERKUR UK’s contribution to a modest onshore wind farm project in Sri Lanka. This help serves to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2,000 tonnes, or the effect of 1,535 distance flights. This effort also translates to safeguarding 6,000 sq. m. of sea ice or covering a distance of approximately 7,985,564 kilometers.