Microsoft investor to purchase 6.7% stake in Better Collective

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Microsoft investor to purchase 6.7% stake in Better Collective

BLS Invest, a Microsoft investor, has successfully acquired a 6.7% ownership stake in Better Collective, as revealed in a recent regulatory update. The acquisition involves 3,651,643 voting right shares within the affiliate group, constituting 6.7% of the overall share capital of the company.

This strategic move positions the Danish investment fund as the third-largest shareholder in Better Collective. Notably, the top two positions are held by the company’s co-founders and key executives, Jesper Søgaard and Christian Kirk Rasmussen, who serve as the CEO and COO, respectively.

With this transaction, BLS becomes the largest shareholder without direct management ties to the business. Other notable entities holding substantial stakes in Better Collective include the Augustinus Foundation, boasting a 4.56% ownership stake, and the Second Swedish National Pension Fund, which holds 3.92% of the total share capital.

BLS Invest operates as a Capital Association regulated by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. Its diverse portfolio encompasses investments in prominent US corporations, such as Microsoft, Starbucks, and the Coca-Cola Company.