MIRACL to gain GLI recognition

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MIRACL to gain GLI recognition

Miracl, a web security company headquartered in London, specialized in crafting infrastructure-as-a-service and software-as-a-service solutions centered around information security and encryption, catering to both enterprises and individuals is pleased to unveil its recent recognition by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI).

As Miracl continues its expansion within the iGaming industry, this latest endorsement underscores the immense value that this exceptionally seamless user login experience brings to the sector.

GLI is famous for providing the iGaming industry with top-notch testing and certification services. Their unbiased evaluations of electronic gaming products lead to certificates that are widely regarded and sought-after in the iGaming and sports wagering industries.

Miracl’s innovative authentication method is both passwordless and requires just a single step, along with the option of a twosecond PIN or biometric login. This technology is gaining traction in the iGaming and sports wagering sectors, where providing customers with a smooth login experience is a game-changing factor for maximizing profits. Miracl’s approach not only decreases instances of abandoned bets but also eliminates the support costs related to traditional password and SMSbased authentication systems. Having a success rate of 99.93%, Miracl’s twosecond login ensures quick and secure access for users.

The CEO at Miracl, Rob Griffin, mentioned:

On a daily basis, we are expanding our roster of gaming companions, steadily augmenting our swiftly increasing collection of iGaming clients. The remarkable financial advantages offered by a smooth login experience are truly remarkable, and the integration of Miracl’s singlestep MFA has an immediate and substantial impact on our bottom line. Being acknowledged by GLI is a testament to the unwavering dedication of our team, who have worked tirelessly to make sure that our patented product remains unparalleled in quality.

Any device or web browser can use Miracl because it functions as software with API capabilities. This makes it possible for an integration process to be quick and simple across many different platforms and devices. Notably, our program has a spotless security history with no weaknesses because it doesn’t save personal information, passwords, or PINs. As a result, it is completely immune to remote attacks.