Mr Green owned by 888 goes live in Germany

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Mr Green owned by 888 goes live in Germany

Recently, 888 Holding, a gambling company, declared the release of Mr Green brand in Germany, where the holding obtained a license. 

The German player-base will have the opportunity to have a vast range of gambling services via Mr Green, which has a website that works on the 888 platform.

This will be the inaugural instance of the Mr Green label being offered on the 888-owned tech platform, marking its debut launch.

888’s VP, Head of Poker, and Managing Director for Rest of World, Amit Berkovich, stated:

Mr Green, together with our 888 brands, will be at the forefront of the group’s branding efforts in the German market. The launch of Mr Green is a remarkable illustration of the outcomes that can be achieved through concentration, cooperation, and commitment.

He added:

Thanks to the robust collaboration of all teams across the business and the existing 888 platform in Germany, we’ve been operational since late March, setting up an entirely new infrastructure in record time. We’re thrilled to present our improved offerings to thousands of players in the market and are eagerly anticipating the inclusion of other Mr Green markets onto our unified technology platform in the upcoming months.

Following a series of social responsibility and anti-money laundering failures, the Great Britain Gambling Commission has ordered William Hill Group, the manager of Mr Green and is owned by 888, to recompense a record-breaking £19.2m. This launch coincides with the Commission’s discovery of numerous breaches committed by Mr Green, WHG International (operator of, and William Hill Organisation (which manages 1,344 land-based gambling premises throughout Britain).