N1 Interactive adds additional payment choices with MiFinity

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N1 Interactive adds additional payment choices with MiFinity

MiFinity will soon be partnering with N1 Interactive to expand the latter’s payment options.

The iGaming operator N1 Interactive has recently signed an agreement with the eWallet supplier MiFinity. The latter’s payment services will soon become available for the former’s customers across more than 30 brands operating in Europe.

Being a significant iGaming operator, N1 already has a plethora of remittance options. With this new addition, the company hopes to simplify the payment process even further to attract more players.

The main selling point of the eWallet is its flexibility. MiFinity allows its users to create their accounts in a wide variety of currencies. In addition, depositing into the account itself is made simple by the multiple local remittance possibilities provided. By integrating with the financial firm, the operator will make the payment process effortless and straightforward, as the mundane parts of the transaction, depositing of the funds, will be done in advance.

The chief executive of the eWallet provider, Paul Kavanagh, put out a statement after the publication of the news. It read:

We have a lot of expertise in N1 Interactive’s major operating jurisdiction in Europe, providing customers with local depositing options within our eWallet.

They continued:

Providing players with local payment systems with their appropriate currencies and multiple language choices reduces the chance of them abandoning their cart. Our interface accomplishes all of those goals inside of our partner’s platform without the need to redirect to a different website.

N1 Interactive published a statement as well, which read:

With MiFinity’s services, we can greatly ameliorate the payment process, increasing conversions.