Nanocosmos launches new and improved streaming solution

  • Thursday 25 August, 2022
Nanocosmos launches new and improved streaming solution

Nanocosmos takes the covers off of their new adaptive streaming platform at IBC 2022

The software developer Nanocosmos has recently announced about its brand new data-driven streaming solution at this year’s IBC event.

Their new nanoStream offering brings a number of improvements to the table compared to traditional streaming services, such as the use of multiple secure streaming technologies and an extraordinary attention to detail in regards to the reliability of the product. Moreover, the company also offers a number of nice-to-haves available to all users, such as real-time transcoding and adaptive bitrate.

The additional features are paramount to ensure a high quality experience for all users on a wide variety of devices. Furthermore, the system features specialized protection against abuse, which is perfect for businesses of all sizes and their content.

Furthermore, the firm has integrated an advanced data collection system that will help clients identify and solve any performance issues with the stream. The data will be supplied via the API will aid in elevating the viewing experience and increase the broadcaster’s viewership.

Lastly, the developer stated that they are actively working with multiple hardware vendors to fix any issues on a low level to further improve their product’s quality and reliability.