New bill aims to establish a gambling regulator in Hawaii

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New bill aims to establish a gambling regulator in Hawaii

A new proposal in the Hawaii State Senate aims to set up a corporation responsible for regulating and providing gambling services.

Currently, Hawaii is one of the only US states where no form of gambling is allowed. The Hawaii State Senate bill SB1107 has recently been introduced with the goal of changing that by establishing a state gambling regulator, which would also offer its own gaming services.

The proposed state-run organization would be called the Hawaii lottery and gaming corporation. The bill calls for it to offer exclusively gaming services, including various casino products such as poker and other table games. It will not offer sports wagering services, although those will be legal to be offered by third parties if the proposal becomes law.

One of the bill’s suggested purposes for the establishment of the gambling regulator and provider is a potential boost in tourism. The bill highlights that the Hawaii lottery and gaming corporation will be tasked with offering free-to-play gaming products and sweepstakes to people from other regions, with Hawaii-themed prizes that will be designed to advertise the state and its businesses.

Lastly, the proposal calls for the governing corporation to be controlled by a board of directors, who will be tasked with electing a chief executive officer to successfully fulfill the organization’s duties.