New crypto payment system – MFPay

  • Wednesday 31 May, 2023
New crypto payment system – MFPay

The financial market is enhanced with a new payment providerMFPay. This platform allows managing payments in a safe and secure way, including the crypto transactions processes, invoice creation and payment, analytics configurations, and report storage.

This innovative product will allow users to seamlessly make transactions such as deposits, and withdrawals using different cryptocurrencies. Currently, MFPay allows the utilization of renowned crypto coins, including Ethereum, and Polygon blockchains, as well as USDT on BNB Chain.

To avoid the tables that keep track of crypto transactions, or test transactions to make sure that the wallet address is correct, and much more, this cryptocurrency payment management service for businessesMFPay was designed.

It will allow iGaming businesses to organize a cryptoaccounting system in a couple of clicks, without any mistakes and wasting time on Excel spreadsheets. Using only an email, MFPay enables the secure delegation of payments without disclosing the wallet keys. The funds remain safe because MFPay does not gain access to asset supervision.

MFPay applies a fixed commission of 1 USDT for both invoice issuance and payment, independent of the transaction amount. It’s important to note that in addition to the platform fee, the native token is used by businesses to pay the transaction commission on the blockchain.

With the public API, any business can use MFPay on its platform. As a welcome bonus, the payment system has given 10 promo codes for a 1month Premium plan. To activate a promo code, users can register on MFPay’s website and enter Affpapa in the support section.