New partnership between Genius Sports and Chinese Taipei

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New partnership between Genius Sports and Chinese Taipei

Genius Sports Limited, which serves as the bonding force between sports data and technology, has reached a lasting companionship with the Taiwan’s national football teamChinese Taipei.

Genius Sports will bring formal information, and broadcasting to the inaugural contests managed by CTFA.

The company will leverage its expertise in its field to offer CTFA cuttingedge solutions that can strengthen user practices and help the football team to generate profit. Genius Sports will also support the promotion of broadcasting content to a global audience. Additionally, the FIFA Competition Management System is also in the offering list, which is widely utilized, to simplify many tasks. This is the start of CTFA’s digital transformation.

To secure the involvement of CTFA’s plays, Genius Sports will also involve its Integrity Services. This will involve monitoring and analyzing wagering activities for the three football clubs using a group of expert analysts. And in case any fishy activity is detected, the group will immediately report CTFA, who can take appropriate measures to investigate further.

LiangChen Chen, CTFA’s General Secretary, expressed delight in companioning with Genius Sports for 4 years, citing its potential to modernize local leagues. He also noted that Genius Sportspractice would help offer better content to their fans.

Jagdish Singh, Customer Success Chief at Genius Sports, expressed pride in their ranging collaborations with CTFA. He also highlighted how Genius Sportstech features would play a central role in CTFA’s efforts to generate profits, and avoid the involvement of their competitions.

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