New partnership between Quantum Gaming and Expanse Studios

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New partnership between Quantum Gaming and Expanse Studios

Expanse Studios, a proficient expert of amazing gaming design, have united powers with Quantum Gaming.

Expanse Studios stands as a pioneering game studio, seamlessly merging amazing design, captivating audio, and captivating animations.

With an extensive portfolio encompassing diverse game selections, they employ HTML5 technology to craft immersive mobilefirst practices.

Expanse has established a good name across the globe, enabling operators to give content in more than 20 languages. By emphasizing gamification, they elevate user practices through ingenious promotional tools. Additionally, they cater to a global audience by supporting multiple currencies, including crypto, ensuring their products are accessible internationally.

Oliver De Bono, Quantum Gaming’s Chief, enthusiastically expressed his excitement regarding the new collaboration:

By uniting powers with Expanse Studios, we will elevate its already extensive portfolio to new heights. The wider range of games we offer allows us to cast a broader net to attract players, while carefully selecting highquality partners to ensure their continued engagement. That’s exactly why we decided to cooperate with our partnertheir titles perfectly align with what users are seeking.

Damjan Stamenkovic, Chief Executive of Expanse Studios, expressed:

This collaboration signifies a significant milestone for both companies. We share a strong dedication to giving exceptional gameplay, and firmly believe that this companionship will yield remarkable outcomes from the value we can collectively generate. Expanse Studios and Quantum Gaming are revolutionizing the field, and our team is eagerly anticipating the extraordinary synergy we will unleash united!

This collaboration is something else, as the extraordinary creativity of Expanse Studios seamlessly merges with Quantum Gaming’s exceptional software and much more. Together, both of the companies are crafting a comprehensive package of custommade solutions, contributing to partners.