New strengthened procedures unveiled for Aussie gamblers

  • Monday 2 October, 2023
New strengthened procedures unveiled for Aussie gamblers

Before the grand final weekend in Australia, new identification laws will go into effect, forcing bettors to show documentation before placing their wagers.

The former 72-hour timeframe during which online gamblers may place bets without quick verification has been replaced.

These measures are aimed at preventing underage gambling and improving the identification of people who have voluntarily self-excluded themselves from casinos, according to Kai Cantwell, the Chief Executive of Responsible Wagering Australia. He also emphasized that this adjustment will bring the other casinos up to the same level as over 90% of the members of the industry’s top body already quickly validate clients’ IDs.

Mr. Cantwell pointed out the benefits of pre-verification, stating:

It enables casinos to promote responsible gambling features, encouraging users to have deposit limits before registration. This step is crucial for preventing the risks of money laundering and financial terrorism.

Mr. Cantwell further emphasized that immediate information collecting on online gaming platforms provides consumers with a high level of safety by enabling early intervention in situations involving questionable betting behavior. He underlined the significance of uniformly applying restrictions to all aspects of the gaming sector, not just online services.

The government has done a lot to a series of gambling reforms, such as the prohibition of credit card use for gambling.