Niklas Jönsson as the new permanent CEO in Scout Gaming

  • Wednesday 22 March, 2023
Niklas Jönsson as the new permanent CEO in Scout Gaming

Recently, Scout Gaming Group declared about the company’s new CEO – Niklas Jönsson, who will lead the team on a full-time basis.

Initially, he started his cooperation with Scout later in 2021 in the CFO position, in the last year became acting and is now a permanent CEO. And now Andreas Olsen, head of finance in Norway, will occupy the CFO position as soon as possible.

Before Jönsson came to Scout, he was a CFO in other companies (BrainLit and Global Gaming Group). He also has a three-year of experience in Evolution company (located in Malta), as a financial manager.

At the beginning of his career, Jönsson gained his first experience in PwC as an accountant (APA). While Andreas Olsen entered Scout Gaming in 2022, having an audition background at Revisjonsselskapet. He also worked as a reviser at Ernst & Young.

The broad spectrum of changes

These huge double changes took place after Scout Gaming could decrease net loss, which was described as an event-filled year in history by Jönsson.

In the last year, Scout Gaming company, as a fantasy-sport provider, passed through lots of global changes. The pinnacle was the reconstruction of the B2B section, which caused the termination of 11 cooperations and the decrease in partnerships with a final amount of 13.

After Scout’s discovery of a SEK17m obligation in the bank account, which they claimed to be unsuspecting about, the company raised SEK101m through a share issue process to aid in its rescue. As a result, they could save the business.

Moreover, the company devoted itself to a scaled reorganization of the staff, firing more than 100 people, including the office personnel of Ukraine, and leaving only 63 employees.