NuxGame to integrate new crypto and blockchain technologies

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NuxGame to integrate new crypto and blockchain technologies

NuxGame, a well-established provider of wagering and software offerings, has just unveiled an exciting development.

They’ve seamlessly integrated Metamask, Aptos, and Phantom crypto wallets into their platform, delivering a heightened level of safety, as well as convenience for both casinos and users.

This tactical choice places a strong emphasis on usability and accessibility for everyone. The registration and sign-in procedures are now made simpler by these new integrations, which also make quick wallet-based transactions possible. In the end, this grows procurement rates for casinos by both lowering registration friction and appealing to the burgeoning network of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Transparency in public blockchains has a significant role in reducing fraud, which means both audiences and operators can validate every financial interaction they complete.

The COO at NuxGame, Denis Kosinsky mentioned:

The success of our customers’ activities over the long term depends on the ongoing evolution of our services. This strategy keeps them abreast of technological developments and enables them to offer their clients the most affordable, safe, and successful solutions. Casinos need to have the infrastructure that can support user needs as the impact of digital currencies on the iGaming sector grows. This most recent improvement to our solutions ensures that our customers have access to the cutting-edge blockchain and crypto tech they require to succeed in this dynamic environment.

NuxGame efficiently addresses different problems that are present in other crypto networks and conventional payment systems, which entails overcoming sluggish transaction times and costs, security flaws, and a lack of decentralization.

These integrations significantly enrich NuxGame’s suite of services, representing the freshest addition to their portfolio of advanced offerings that cater to advanced casino clients.

iGaming veteran and B2B company NuxGame is in the industry since 2018. It has provided state-of-the-art casino and sports wagering software solutions to customers in jurisdictional markets all over th...