Oddin.gg partners with Balkan Bet on eSports betting

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Oddin.gg partners with Balkan Bet on eSports betting

Oddin.gg, a leading B2B esports provider, has recently unveiled a strategic companionship with Balkan Bet, a renowned operator functioning in the thriving Balkan market.

This exciting companionship is targeted at delivering Balkan Bet and its valued audiences with an exceptional esports wagering experience by leveraging Oddin’s cutting-edge iFrame solution.

With a remarkable legacy dating back to the late 90s, Balkan Bet has established itself as the premier wagering brand in Serbia. It caters to a wide range of bettors through its extensive network of over 85 wagering shops and a robust online platform. Offering an array of captivating products, including live sports wagering and casino content, Balkan Bet is now venturing into the realm of esports.

Oddin.gg is a comprehensive provider of a complete wagering ecosystem, empowering its companions in effectively engaging with the new generation, enhancing revenues, and generating continuous volume around the clock. Having a wide-ranging portfolio, Oddin’s innovative solution encompasses over 15 top-tier esports titles, enabling their users to access seamlessly the passionate network of esports fans.

Oddin.gg’s Managing Director, Marek Suchar mentioned:

Our team is more than thrilled and privileged to suggest Balkan Bet our one-of-a-kind iFrame solution. This companionship holds great promise for expanding their foothold in the esports realm, fostering increased involvement, and acquiring fresh waves of bettors within their aimed markets. It is with utmost confidence that we anticipate this partnership to bring about significant growth and success for Balkan Bet.

Mirza Capra, Balkan Bet’s Chief of Sportsbook, remarked:

Joining forces with such a prominent provider and harnessing the power of their groundbreaking iFrame solution to upgrade our platform and offer our esteemed audiences unparalleled esports wagering practices is amazing. This partnership smoothly aligns with our steadfast dedication to bringing exceptional solutions to our valued clients, further reinforcing our foothold as the foremost member in the fiercely challenging Balkan market. Together, we are poised to set new standards and create an extraordinary journey for our customers in the realm of esports betting.

Users of Oddin’s platform can immerse themselves in a diverse array of esports events, spanning popular and highly competitive titles. By implementing the innovative iFrame solution, Balkan Bet now has the chance to impress gamblers throughout the Balkan region, establishing a strong presence in the thriving esports ecosystem.