Oddin.gg partners with PLAYzone to get exclusive data

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Oddin.gg partners with PLAYzone to get exclusive data

PLAYzone is going to grant Oddin.gg exclusive rights to a CS:GO championship’s wagering data.

The online betting provider Oddin.gg has recently signed an exclusive deal with the Czech eSports event organizer PLAYzone to get exclusive data rights to one of their upcoming CS:GO tournaments, the Tipsport MCR. The partnership will allow the former to be the exclusive supplier of betting odds and data for the championship.

The contract is an excellent addition to the provider’s portfolio of offerings and is one of their first exclusive data rights acquisitions. The tournament, sponsored by the leading Czech bookmaker Tipsport, is only a month away at the time of writing and is expected to attract quite a sizable audience from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

It is our strategic goal to innovate and change our industry for the better, as we believe there are a lot of advancements to be made in terms of the distribution and monetization of eSports data. This partnership with PLAYzone marks another step towards that objective. Additionally, we have plans of acquiring many more exclusive partnership rights from various eSports organizations in the future. We are looking forward to working with the team at PLAYzone.

stated the managerial director and co-founder of Oddin.gg, Marek Suchar.

We are quite excited to be working with Oddin.gg, as their high quality eSports betting products and services make them stand out from the competition. They are a perfect partner for us and will allow us to grow our reach and expand our championships in the region.

remarked the chief of the MCR CS:GO tournament, Pavel Kristian.


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