OddsMatrix presents Fast Markets before the football season

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OddsMatrix presents Fast Markets before the football season

Fast Markets have been launched by OddsMatrix, the well-known B2B sportsbook section of EveryMatrix, just in time for the start of this year’s football season.

This innovation empowers casinos to present a type of on-the-spot betting choices, centered around distinct practices during the play.

Prior to the debut of the upcoming football season across several elite leagues, OddsMatrix Fast Markets is committed to bringing major sportsbooks with a broad diapason of real-time, time-varying wagering options, giving the brands an extra source of profit.

The ability to bring a broad scope of wager categories over various fixed intervals of 5, 10, and 15 minutes, will be given to brands. These options encompass predictions like purposes being scored within specified time frames by any team or a specific team, in addition to forecasting the victor within the designated time span.

Tor Skeie, Chief Executive Officer at OddsMatrix mentioned:

Introducing Fast Markets, also known as micro markets – a specialized niche within in-play wagering is a huge achievement for us. This trend gives our users to make bets on precise moments during the game. In advance of the start of the main football teams’ summer campaigns, as industry pioneers, we present you with the most recent developments in wagering. We’ll expand the bet options by including various sports, such as tennis and basketball, with a focus on U.S. favorites. Top brands in this realm have already seen surges in micro wagering volumes, marking an exciting trend.

Micro betting, a rapidly recurring, budget-friendly sports wagering offering, is gaining prominence as a pivotal catalyst for elevating in-play betting across multiple sports. This trend is opening fresh avenues for casinos to stand out while simultaneously captivating a novel cohort of patrons who lean towards immediate amusement. This dynamic is not only amplifying player involvement but also enhancing spending from casual players.