OnAir Entertainment powers Rootz with live casino content

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OnAir Entertainment powers Rootz with live casino content

Games Global, a well-known iGaming provider, is extending its international brand portfolio via a new partnership with Rootz, an online casino operator.

This powerhouse is designed to enhance Rootz’s offerings by presenting an exhilarating live casino experience from OnAir EntertainmentTM, the oneofa-kind studio for live casino titles and shows. This partnership represents a crucial stride in their continuous efforts for development and enlargement.

Rootz users will soon have access to a diverse range of OnAir EntertainmentTM content, encompassing classics like Roulette and Blackjack.

The collaboration between Games Global and Rootz signifies the beginning of a new era in live gaming entertainment, aimed at burgeoning the landscape of online gaming and collectively establishing an amazing gaming management platform.

The CRO at Games Global, Julie Allison commented:

As we commence this collaborative venture with Rootz, our primary aim is at nurturing a partnership and providing support to make better the live gaming practice. By merging their ever-evolving vision with our tech expertise, our goal is to craft an exceptional player journey that mirrors the potency of our united endeavors.

The Chief Executive at Rootz, Sam Brow mentioned:

We are excited to initiate this companionship, introducing a collection of renowned titles to our library. This signifies a crucial moment in our ongoing efforts to broaden our suggestions and provide outstanding gaming practices to our users. We are more than sure that these supplements will not only enrich our distinguished audience but also actively engage our users in new and amazing ways.

This partnership further highlights Rootz’s dedication to bringing users groundbreaking gaming experiences that redefine the live iGaming landscape.

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