Online gambling and crypto scam hub caught in Penampang

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Online gambling and crypto scam hub caught in Penampang

Police raided an online gambling and crypto scam center in a commercial building on Jalan Penampang Bypass early on Thursday, Jan 25.

In a significant operation last Thursday, the police dismantled an online gambling and cryptocurrency scam center on Jalan Penampang Bypass. As a result 11 individuals, including foreigners and locals have been detained.

The illicit operation, active for six months, targeted victims abroad, allegedly making RM2 million monthly in foreign currency.

The equipment seized includes 19 desktops, 27 monitors, 33 phones, and 3 laptops. The case is under investigation.

Simultaneously, another police team arrested 12 locals: four men and eight women, on a lower floor at the same building, suspected of promoting non-existent cryptocurrency. The case has been probed under Section 420 of the Penal Code for cheating.

In a separate case, three telephone cable thieves were apprehended in Minintod, Kolopis, and Pogunon after a viral car chase.

Cases are under investigation.