Optimove selected by 888AFRICA as CRM marketing solution

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Optimove selected by 888AFRICA as CRM marketing solution

Optimove, a premier CRM marketing solution catering to the iGaming sector, announced today its selection by 888AFRICA to propel its ongoing expansion across the African continent by amplifying player engagement and retention efforts.

Established in 2022, 888AFRICA stands as a distinguished betting and gaming enterprise, co-owned by 888 Holdings plc, operating under the 888bet or 888bets brand in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, and Mozambique, along with BetLion in Zambia. The company’s strategic vision includes extending its footprint across Africa’s regulated online betting and gaming markets, anticipating the sector to grow to $6.7 billion by 2030.

888AFRICA will leverage several crucial capabilities offered by Optimove’s CRM Marketing solution:

  1. Comprehensive Customer Insights: Access to unified player data enables the creation of diverse player segments without relying on external teams.
  2. Smart Orchestration: Utilizing AI and business rules, 888AFRICA can streamline multichannel orchestration, eliminating the need for manual customer journey mapping.
  3. Enhanced Marketing Attribution: By measuring the incremental impact of each message along the player journey, 888AFRICA can achieve true multi-touch marketing attribution.
  4. Personalization at Scale: Equipped with seamless and scalable tools, 888AFRICA can personalize audience, channel, and content levels for each marketing message.