Oregon wagering revenue sets record in October

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Oregon wagering revenue sets record in October

Sports wagering in the state of Oregon has been on the rise, recording an increased value of bets and revenue in the month of October.

Bettors in the state spent a combined over 55.5 million dollars on sports wagering, recording an over 41% increase from September’s figure of just under 40 million dollars. Furthermore, the value is nearly 30% higher than the previous record of 43 million dollars, indicating quite a healthy period of growth for the pastime.

In terms of gross profits, the state’s gambling firms made a combined 5.8 million dollars, which is slightly higher than the 5 million dollar figure recorded in the previous month, although it represents a near doubling of the number recorded in October of the prior year.

The vast majority of the revenue was generated by DraftKings, with only about 1300 dollars being made by the Oregon Lottery’s Scoreboard. The latter is in the process of being merged with DraftKings, so its revenue figure will continue to decline.

Lastly, breaking down the total bets by sport, football was in the lead by quite a wide margin, generating close to 3 million dollars in revenue from just under 21.5 million dollars in bets. Basketball came in second place, generating a million dollars in revenue from 12.5 million dollars of wagers. Baseball followed with just over 700 thousand dollars made from a combined 7.3 million dollars.