PA Media Group to acquire leading iRace Media

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PA Media Group to acquire leading iRace Media

PA Media Group has expanded its foothold in the worldwide racing industry by acquiring iRace Media, a specialist in Asian racing data.

iRace Media is a prominent member of the Asian market, which is collaborating with many established B2B clients to boost their offerings in the region.

They achieve this through diverse data and content, encompassing interactive tips and form aids. iRace Media holds the region’s largest racing database and excels in customizing content for specific customer audiences. They also produce “iRace,” Asia’s premier racing form guide.

Clive Marshall, Chief Executive Officer of PA Media Group, stated:

For over six decades, PA has been a trusted provider of content and data known for its unparalleled accuracy within the racing industry. Including iRace Media in our portfolio, we are poised to broaden our influence and enhance our offerings to serve industry members in increasingly pertinent and innovative ways. This expansion leverages the strength of our worldwide racing database and distribution capabilities, enabling us to deliver even greater value to our stakeholders.

The Chief Executive of iRace Media, Steve Levar expressed his enthusiasm:

Our team is excited to commence this path alongside PA Betting Services. This procurement will bring about mutual advantages as both organizations gain access to shared resources, expanded research and development capabilities, and a more extensive pool of talent. These collective strengths will pave the way for the creation of innovative racing solutions that have the potential to revolutionize the racing industry and open up new avenues for growth.

This acquisition aligns seamlessly with the specialized racing expertise offered by PA Betting Services. These entities will provide a broader range of offerings and increased value for users.

iRace Media will maintain its autonomy as a separate business entity, with its CEO Steve Levar. The company will also contribute its invaluable insights into the Asian market to enhance PA Betting Services’ capabilities.