Paf expands its presence in Latvia

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Paf expands its presence in Latvia

Paf, a prominent entertainment company, has made a strategic move to expand its presence in the Latvian gaming market.

By obtaining two Latvian huge gaming sources, namely, and, Paf could achieve the third online gambling company in Latvia. This deal includes all of 888 Holding’s Latvian businesses, with the gaming websites and the Latvian licenses that go along with them.

Paf’s Chief Executive Christer Fahlstedt expressed his concern:

Paf recognizes the tremendous long-term potential in the Latvian market and views this acquisition as a well-planned step. Having already established a presence in Latvia since 2018, Paf is committed to solidifying and reinforcing its situation in the market, with a focus on achieving stability and long-term growth.

Christer Fahlstedt added:

The transition of ownership will be seamless for the users of the gaming sites, as they will not experience any noticeable changes. In addition, Paf’s procurement entails the establishment of a new office in the capital, where over 20 talented experts will join the Paf team, further strengthening the company’s presence in the region.

The newly purchased gaming websites will initially preserve their current brands as part of this strategic decision, ensuring a smooth transition for its users under Paf’s management.

888 Holding Plc is a distinguished company in the iGaming world, which holds a prominent status. With operations spanning multiple markets and a team of over 11K members, 888 has established itself as one of the most extensive companies globally. The agreement with Pat was secured on May 19, which gave Paf the path to take control of 888’s Latvian business, set to take place in June.