Paf’s tech education program grit:lab forges ahead

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Paf’s tech education program grit:lab forges ahead

Paf‘s headquarters is gearing up for an influx of fresh faces as the tech training program known as grit:lab forges ahead. Testing of applications for the program should begin this winter, with admissions weeks scheduled for the spring of 2024.

Back in 2021, the pioneering Nordic gaming firm, Paf, introduced the cutting-edge tech education venture known as grit:lab. Just a few months after its launch, admissions commenced, and the inaugural group of students embarked on their educational journey a year later. Presently, the program proudly accommodates 60 students representing about 20 diverse nations, all on the brink of commencing their final year in this rigorous tech program. The initial year has proven to be an unequivocal triumph, leaving stakeholders enthusiastic about securing the program’s ongoing success.

Paf’s Deputy CEO & Chief Responsibility Officer, Daniela Johansson stated:

grit:lab is a valuable supplement to conventional training and plays a pivotal role in propelling Åland toward becoming a prominent tech hub in the region. The possibilities are substantial, and from Paf’s perspective, we are dedicated to maintaining our leading role in advancing this educational program.

The enrollment process for the upcoming grit:lab cohort is scheduled to kick off in December 2023. Those who are interested in embracing this challenge can participate in an online assessment until February 2024. The fresh cohort of students is slated to embark on their grit:lab journey in the autumn of 2024.

Anna-Lena Svenblad, Paf’s Development Director and Director of grit:lab, mentioned:

The overwhelmingly positive feedback we’ve got, both from our students and various visiting groups, serves as compelling evidence for the demand for this style of education. It represents an educational approach that aligns with the evolving requirements of the job market, ensuring that it remains relevant and responsive to future needs.

Paf’s CTO Fredrik Wiklund stated:

I’m genuinely dazed by the significant progress our students have made. Two of them took on summer internships with our sysops team and, remarkably, they also earned certifications for AWS cloud services during that time. It’s a testament to the quality of our program at Paf, and it’s something we can truly take pride in.

The grit:lab training is conducted in companionship with Ålands Yrkesgymnasium, acting on behalf of the Åland Government.