Pascal Gaming releases first-of-its-kind retail game

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Pascal Gaming releases first-of-its-kind retail game

Odd Ball is going to be the latest innovative product to join Pascal Gaming’s portfolio.

The gambling provider Pascal Gaming has recently announced their brand new land based offering, Odd Ball. The new game takes a lot of inspiration from football.

Featuring unique gameplay, the player starts the game by kicking the ball. While the ball is in the air, the game starts increasing odds from one. The player has to keep the ball flying for as long as possible to accumulate higher odds.

The game allows users to join at any moment, enabling players to experience it with each other. It will also enable crash game enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite type of game in a football setting. The game is set to be famous among players with its unique and innovative gameplay mechanics.

The new offering will soon be available in Betshops.

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