Peter & Sons welcomes new hires as they strive to grow

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Peter & Sons welcomes new hires as they strive to grow

Peter & Sons, a game provider studio known for its innovative and exciting games, has recently hired two prominent individuals to bolster its administrative team.

The expansion will bring in an essential contribution from the known SkillOnNet.

Maor Nutkevitch, who is the Senior Vice President of Corporate Development at SkillOnNet, will now be a part of Peter & Sons team in a Co-CEO position. While continuing in his role at SkillOnNet, Nutkevitch will have a significant role in managing the studio’s upgrade through its second phase of increase and enlargement into core markets.

Moreover, Christina Mirnaia, a seasoned business development expert, will be joining Peter & Sons to head the account management team. With previous experience as the Head of Partnerships and Business Development at Barbara Bang, Mirnaia boasts record-breaking results, having held significant positions at Entain and Bwin Party.

Mirnaia’s role at Peter & Sons will involve strengthening and expanding the company’s connections with crucial clients.

Mirnaia expressed her enthusiasm for joining Peter & Sons, stating that it is always amazing to be a part of a rapidly enlarging project and contribute to the burgeoning of something exceptional. She praised the company for bringing an unadulterated perspective to the industry, with its game library renowned for their uniqueness, artistry, and mathematical precision. Mirnaia also expressed eagerness to work with the highly active, and unique Peter & Sons team, whose games have already made a significant impact in the industry.

Peter & Sons collaborates with top-tier artists from various spheres to create groundbreaking, imaginative, and enjoyable slots. Nutkevitch showed his positive approach towards the future of the new-established studio, in the issue of its fellowship with SkillOnNet.

According to Nutkevitch:

This companionship will enable us to enlarge our reach into numerous markets, like the EU and Canada. The chance to spread our content with throughout various regulated markets will serve as an excellent height, which is not characteristic for new studios. I am revved up for having my party in this project at a pivotal moment.

Yann Bautista, the Commercial Director and Founder of Peter & Sons, expressed his excitement for the arrival of Maor and Christina to the team. He acclaimed them and acknowledged the significance of their relationships. Bautista stated that this marks a chief stage for the relatively young studio as they progress towards their goal of becoming a significant force in the content world.