Play’n GO’s record-breaking month: Historic Success

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Play’n GO’s record-breaking month: Historic Success

Playn GO, a premier supplier of iGaming content, has recently unveiled that December is the pinnacle of success in the company’s 20-year history.

With the debut of popular games, the company was able to smash records for daily active users, played rounds, as well as GGR in December.

These remarkable statistics underscore Playn GO’s victory in controlled markets globally and come right after November 1st a single-day record for rounds played, which saw almost a quarter of a billion spins recorded.

The Chief Executive of Playn GO, Johan Törnqvist mentioned:

It is a testament to the unwavering efforts and commitment exhibited by every individual in our organization that allows us to continually expand and surpass our ambitious records. While December proved to be a standout month for us, it’s crucial to acknowledge that such success is not a stroke of luck. We are diligently engaged in innovative efforts across all facets of our business, many of which may go unnoticed by casual observers. The gratifying financial outcome we’ve achieved affirm that our company is on a commendable trajectory toward establishing a successful business for years to come. Even though the company has been a presence for quite some time, I sense that we are merely scratching the surface and eagerly anticipate the chances that 2024 will unfold for us.

Furthermore, Playn GO has enlarged its footprint into a broader entertainment sector. The recent release of Playn GO Music and sponsorship of the MoneyGram Haas F1 Team signify the company’s devotion to diversifying its influence.