Playson enhances its xEye Viewboard with Game Area

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Playson enhances its xEye Viewboard with Game Area

Playson, the rapidly expanding digital entertainment provider, has enhanced its advanced analytical tool, xEye Viewboard, by introducing a new Game Area.

The most recent inclusion to Playson’s amazing promo tool enables operators to explore a comprehensive collection of the company’s slot games, empowering them in making more informed decisions. This addition further bolsters the overall decisionmaking process.

The Game Area encompasses a diverse range of documents that provide a comprehensive understanding of all Playson’s titles from mathematical, marketing, and licit viewpoints.

Oleksii Mylotskyi, CTO at Playson, said:

The introduction of our customized Game Area is a significant milestone for us on a global level. Our partners stand to gain immense advantages from the Game Area, both in terms of business benefits and streamlined access to comprehensive information about our entire game portfolio. Having all the details conveniently located all in one will guarantee a seamless path for operators seeking insights on any specific game. Presenting this exceptional encyclopedia to our companions reaffirms the tool’s ability to enrich all process for casinos, emphasizing its capacity to sharpen their strategic choices.

The Product Owner at Playson, Oleksii Khodenko mentioned:

The xEye Viewboard stands as one of Playson’s most remarkable innovations in the past year, and the integration of the Game Area takes it to new heights by bringing companions unrestricted access to our offerings. Granting companions the freedom to explore our complete portfolio will elevate our standing within the iGaming industry and open doors for expanding cooperation globally. This combination of amazing features not only showcases our commitment to excellence but also fosters an environment of transparency and collaboration. By empowering partners with comprehensive insights into our products, we strengthen our position as a trusted and forwardthinking industry leader, paving the way for mutually beneficial relationships.

Additionally, partners have the flexibility to customize the area according to their specific needs. For instance, they can easily filter compliance documents for each regulated market, enabling them to implement needs like various languages with just a simple click.

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