Playtech established partnership with IDVerse

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Playtech established partnership with IDVerse

Playtech, a well-known online casino software supplier that caters to the biggest companies in the sector, and IDVerse, an internationally recognized supplier of digital ID authentication, have forged an alliance of cooperation.

This collaboration aims to enhance the process of player onboarding and authorization, addressing the increasing demands faced by casinos for cutting-edge technology solutions.

In response to the industry’s evolving needs, Playtech has integrated IDVerse’s innovative capabilities into its offerings, granting its clientele seamless access to a solution capable of swiftly onboarding players from around the world, all while maintaining stringent security measures. This collaboration empowers operators to incorporate IDVerse’s Zero Bias AITM technology directly into their platforms, streamlining player onboarding while simultaneously fortifying defenses against fraudulent activities. In the outcome, casinos can currently authenticate new users instantaneously, regardless of their global location or smartphone device, canceling the demand for manual intervention and significantly reducing the rate of player drop-offs, thanks to nearly instantaneous results.

IDVerse’s completely automated system boasts the capability to authorize new players within a matter of seconds, utilizing only their facial recognition and a smartphone, spanning across more than 220 locations and accommodating over 16K types of documents—all without the necessity of human oversight. Notably, this tech harnesses generative AI, accessing it to train deep neural network systems designed to combat biases based on identity markers, reaching an impressive accuracy rate of 99.99% in independent laboratory evaluations.

The Head of Gaming at IDVerse, Fiona Davies commented:

Under this alliance, Playtech operators will have access to a sought-after ID verification (IDV) system that will do away with the necessity for manual ID document authentication on a worldwide basis. This innovation dramatically speeds up the procedure for getting started while also streamlining operating procedures. The approach entirely simplifies the verification process by using IDVerse’s technology, thereby addressing the pervasive problem of time-consuming and expensive manual document checks, which frequently afflict casinos using out-of-date systems.

She added:

The ID coverage that we offer stands as the most comprehensive in the current market, thanks to our unique proprietary method for scrutinizing ID docs through neural networks. This approach empowers our clients to expand confidently into burgeoning markets, relying on a single ID verification (IDV) provider. This flexibility ensures seamless player onboarding regardless of geographical location or the time at which they wish to engage in play.

IDVerse’s tech has undergone rigorous testing by reputable NIST-approved laboratories, including iBeta and BixeLab. These assessments were conducted against globally recognized biometric criteria such as TDIF, SOC 2, ISO 27001, and Presentation Attack Detection.


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