Playtech finalizes the purchases of Finalto

  • Tuesday 19 July, 2022
Playtech finalizes the purchases of Finalto

Yesterday (July 11) Playtech  finally completed the purchase of Finalto  for 250 million dollars.

The 1st offer to buy Gopher was made a year later by Playtech’s shareholders.

Gopher was able to surpass the price of the consortium led by Barenboim Group, which amounted to 210 million dollars. At first the board of directors of Playtech decided to sell Finalto to Barinboim, yet the contract was declined by shareholders who insisted on a higher bid for Gopher.

After that, Playtech made the decision to put Gopher to sale back in September.  The shareholders accepted that offer at the end of 2021.

On 5th of July, Playtech predicted that the agreement was going to be finalized in the middle of this month, even though it was set to be done at the end of June.

“We are excited tourchase Finalto. The company’s business and management is very impressive, and we cannot wait to work directly with them and help Finalto to be the leading partner for other companies in the financial trading sector.” 

commented T. Teague, Gopher’s director.

The decision to sell Finalto was made last year by Playtech. The brand itself was alleged to be sold to Aristocrat, but the offer declined by shareholders. After Aristocrat failed to purchase the software company, both JKO Play and TTB Partners reached out with their offers to buy Plachtech, but no one succeeded.