Playtech to improve player engagement with Xtremepush

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Playtech to improve player engagement with Xtremepush

Playtech will collaborate with the Xtremepush to enhance its customers’ experience and communications.

Playtech has revealed that it’ll be working with the customer engagement company Xtremepush to improve both of their player communication services. 

The engagement firm specializes in creating experiences based on real-time data. As a result, their platform offers state-of-the-art personalized cases for each person, including individualized messaging using e-mail, SMS and other platforms of communication. In the end, their efforts result in a client churning through less players and retaining more of them.

Through this partnership both companies seek to share their expertise in the segment and improve their offerings. Accordingly, Playtech will soon give its customers access to its new partner’s individualizing platform, providing highly unique media feeds for each player.

Xtremepush noted in a statement that they are proud to be working with the top-ranking igaming software provider and added that their mutual customers should start seeing the benefits from this cooperation very soon.

In conclusion, the two companies will be sharing their experience and knowledge to make their products better for their clients.

Xtremepush is an innovative software company that offers an all-in-one marketing platform. Their solution utilizes highly advanced data-driven algorithms to deliver the highest performance. With the f...


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