Police raid uncovers illegal gambling operations in Phuket

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Police raid uncovers illegal gambling operations in Phuket

Officers from Region 8 Police and Thalang Police collaboratively conducted a raid on a gambling den in Phuket, targeting a private house in Moo 1 of Pa Khlok. The operation, which occurred on Feb 2, led to the apprehension of 16 individuals, including an organizer and a bookkeeper.

Under the command of Lt Col Wiwat Thongsuk from Region 8 Police and Lt Apirat Yanarat from Thalang Police, law enforcement arrived at the location around 11 pm. The premises were secured, and the police proceeded to arrest the suspects, who were engaged in playing Po-pan (shrimp, fish, pimps, flowers).

During the raid, authorities seized evidence, including a Po-pan gaming sheet, various wooden betting chips, and B18,510 in cash. The 16 suspects were transported to Thalang Police Station and charged with engaging in unauthorized gambling activities.

Among the arrested individuals, Monpariya Pratthuk, 39, faced additional charges for organizing the illicit gambling, while Malaiporn Paochamroon, 49, was charged with acting as the bookmaker.

In a separate incident on Jan 22 in Rawai, Region 8 Police had conducted a raid on a high-profile gambling operation organized by Russian nationals in a luxurious villa. Despite arresting four Russian men and a Russian woman, with charges ranging from illegal gambling participation to illegal possession of baraku, no organizer of the underground venue was identified or charged. The police have not provided updates on whether the investigation into foreign poker clubs in other parts of Phuket, advertised alongside the Rawai venue, is ongoing.