PopOK Gaming secures Latvian license

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PopOK Gaming secures Latvian license

PopOK Gaming will soon have the ability to distribute its products to partners working in Latvia.

The iGaming software company PopOK Gaming has recently published an announcement about its newly acquired license that will allow them to operate and distribute their games in Latvia. The new certification is another sign that the firm has healthy momentum and is growing steadily.

The business is backed and operated by the Armenian mult-national conglomerate Soft Construct, which helps its subsidiaries expand utilizing its massive pool of resources, both monetary and otherwise.

After announcing the achievement, the product manager of the firm, Tsovinar Elchyan, stated:

This accomplishment is a sizable advancement for PopOK Gaming and is a catalyst for ceaseless expansion.

They added that the organization is striving towards leaving the new Latvian audience in awe with their stunning offerings, along with getting a foothold in the new market and starting new collaborations with associates operating in the country.

PopOK Gaming is a gaming software developer with their main specialization being slots for iGaming operations. The company develops visually stunning games with encapsulating audio and a special care ...