Portuguese online gambling revenue reaches record €195.3m

  • Thursday 23 March, 2023
Portuguese online gambling revenue reaches record €195.3m

The revenues generated from the Portuguese online gambling market reached a record-breaking level, €195.3 million.

This digit was announced during the fourth quarter of 2022 and is existing proof of successful performance in the casino market. The overall profit for three months until the last day of 2022 increased by about 40%. And compared to the previous year the number has increased by 23.4%.

The revenue was generated from a few main sources, including online casinos and sports betting.

Online Casinos

For sure, the casino was the main profit source during Q4, with a digit of €109.8m. This is an immense number, increased by 48.3% yearly and 23.8% quarterly. The numbers were estimated by SRIJ (known as Gaming Regulation and Inspection Service).

About €2.98 billion was spent by users, who played online casinos, and this number is 42.1% higher than the previous year’s results. As well as, amongst casinos, slot games were most common among the players, with engaged 79.8% bets.

Sports Betting

Cannot deny that sports betting has also a tremendous contribution to the formation of the final record-breaking revenue of the country. The total profit from betting increased by 30.0% yearly and 22.9%. quarterly, summing up €85.5 million.

The spending made by the consumers reached its peak of €458.7m (21.6% higher than 2021 Q4). In addition, of all bets football has the lion’s share of 74.2%, the rest of the percentage is baseball, tennis, and other sports bets.

In the soccer bets:

  • 2022 Fifa Football World Cup – 25.0%
  • Uefa Champions League – 7.4%
  • Portuguese Primeira Liga – 6.9%
  • English Premier League – 6.4%

Broad Market Formation

Another statistic announced by the SRIJ talks about a huge number of registries (340K), with licensed operators in Portugal. Note that players’ age range is between 25-44.

Also, they got an increased number of self-excluded players, with a final number of 150,900. Moreover, SRIJ revealed that during the fourth quarter, they found 54 illicit operators, and 74 blocked websites.