PrizePicks announces partnership with Atlanta United

  • Thursday 23 March, 2023
PrizePicks announces partnership with Atlanta United

Atlanta United got its premier fantasy sports companion – PrizePicks, for the inaugural football cooperation.

With its high proficiency, PrizePicks has an undersigned agreement with MLS Club (Major League Soccer).

It provides the users with a diversity of entertainment sporting alliances, starting from the MLS or National Football League and ending with electronic sports, with the involvement of a few multiplayer video games such as League of Legends or Counter-Strike.

Previously, PrizePicks has been associated with the Atlanta Braves, a prominent baseball team, and the Atlanta Falcons, a professional football team, and is still in the enlargement process throughout the state.

Established in 2014, and started to play as an MLS team in 2017, the Atlanta United team gained its first prize in 2018.

Adam Wexler, who is the CEO of the PrizePicks, pointed out:

From the moment Atlanta United won the city’s top pro championship in the market, we were confident that it was just a time issue before we united our two successful brands.

He also added that Atlanta United is a developing team and has increased attendance, and they are moved to introduce our fantasy sports platform to Atlanta United’s passionate fan base.

The branding process completed by the fantasy-sports operator will be presented on the Atlanta United in-house stadium, as well as the Mercedes-Benz stadium. This will be done during all the club’s domestic games.

For chief games such as finals, the output and performance for Atlanta United games can beat the standard 70,000 attendees, while the middle attendance in the late 2021 season was summed up at 44,000 fans.

Garth Lagerwey, Atlanta Club’s President and CEO, expressed his enthusiasm for PrizePicks as a complacent partner, confirming that their established party in the Atlanta market, combined with their progressive and advanced technology, aligns perfectly with the club’s aim to offer a first-cop fan experience.