Prophet Exchange to be the first betting exchange in the US

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Prophet Exchange to be the first betting exchange in the US

Debuting in New Jersey, Prophet Exchange is the first wagering exchange in the United States.

The player-to-player sports wagering platform Prophet Exchange has recently gotten a green light to launch in the state of New Jersey, marking itself as the first gambling business of its kind in the United States.

As a player-to-player wagering platform, Prophet will allow its customers to bet against each other. The company will facilitate the players’ transactions, letting them choose their own bets and prices. Additionally, it will not enforce any maximums on stakes, although if a player’s wager doesn’t get a matching counter-bet it will not go through.

At first the firm is launching the service with wagering allowed on a number of large and popular American sports leagues, such as the NFL and the NHL. However, there are plans of expanding that list in the future.

The team at the business was very pleased when they got the approval to start operating in an American state, as they have been working towards this milestone since their founding in 2018.

We are honored to be the first wagering exchange in the United States. This accomplishment is monumental for us and we are looking forward to providing players in the garden state an interesting betting experience that they’ll love.

Jake Benzaquen, one of the operator’s founders who now takes the role of the lead commercial officer, commented on their accomplishment.

The road to this achievement has been full of obstacles and speed bumps, but we are happy to announce that we have overcome all of the challenges we were faced with. However, this is only our first major attainment, and we are still actively working towards our long-term strategic goals, such as becoming the top betting facilitator in the States.

said Prophet’s other co-founder and current chief executive Dean Sisun.