Push Gaming has launched new game – Razor Returns

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Push Gaming has launched new game – Razor Returns

The longawaited sequel to one of its most wellknown and lucrative games, Razor Returns, has now been made available by top iGaming prominent name Push Gaming.

Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, Razor Shark, which captivated player communities upon its launch in 2019 with its exhilarating and unpredictable playability, Razor Returns picks up right where it left off.

The beloved characters come back to Razor Returns, sporting a fresh new look with metallic embellishments, including golden jaws. These revamped predators dominate the reels, assisting users in their quest for massive winnings. Razor Returns showcases tools, like the Mystery symbols that unleash an exciting Nudge & Reveal mechanic. Upon activation, these enigmatic symbols unveil a diapason of outcomespaying symbols, wild sharks, or the coveted golden sharks.

The thrilling Razor Reveal tool starts to work when golden shark icons show up. When a matching spot is struck, several enticing gifts are spun through it.

The rotating device, known as the converter, moves across the reels, examining each pay symbol displayed. Whenever a paying symbol lands on the reels, all other symbols of that kind transform into shimmering golden sharks, intensifying the excitement of the Razor Reveal bonus.

Group Managing Director at Push Gaming, George Fil mentioned:

Razor Returns has been eagerly awaited after a crucial hardworking and time that was put into its creation. Identifying the immense admiration the audience community holds for the original game, we dedicated ourselves to crafting a sequel that would meet and exceed expectations. We are quite happy with the finished product, and early reviews suggest that Razor Returns could contribute something truly special to our developing library of gamesa collection that makes us feel incredibly proud.

The new game raises amazing changeability and earning possibilities of its predecessor to previously unheardof levels with an enlarged reel set and forty paylines to discover. The incorporation of dazing features and a remarkable 100,000x multiplier ensures an elevated gaming experience that leaves users in awe.

The immense anticipation surrounding Razor Returns, fueled by the formidable name of its original counterpart, has not gone unrewarded. In reality, the title has got several reviews with an overall rating of 10/10, confirming its reputation as an exceptional title from affiliates, streamers, and the gaming community.

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