Push Gaming releases latest innovative title, Space Stacks

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Push Gaming releases latest innovative title, Space Stacks

Space Stacks is going to be the latest game developed by Push Gaming, launching an exciting new feature with it.

The game is a pretty unique slot with a massive 10 by 10 reel set. It features a number of exciting mechanics, such as the ability to bet on one of the ten available “blocks”. Being introduced for the first time ever, the Reelbet mechanic introduces those areas where the player may place a wager to win various rewards.

The title contains three bonus round blocks, six instant win ones and a “Max Block”. Each one does pretty much what it says on the tin, allowing players to choose what they would like to try their luck at. The player will be given the option of wagering on individual blocks fully or splitting up their bet across multiple of them.

This unique feature allows players to gather an up to 5000 times multiplier, guaranteeing huge jackpots. Additionally, it even has a leveling-up sub-feature which upgrades the six instant win blocks randomly, enabling some of them to hold some massive jackpots.

Space Stacks will soon be available to all of the developer’s partners across all regulated markets.

We are quite delighted to announce the release of our latest release, Space Stacks. It follows in our footsteps of releasing high quality entertaining slot games which exceed the expectations of our clients and players. The new title and its pioneering Reelbet feature are clear examples of our drive to always innovate and deliver new experiences to our customers. Enabling users to bet in a slot game and positioning that mechanic as one of the core ones of the product is an excellent new way of designing a casino game, and we are certain that it will quickly become a fan favorite.

remarked the chief executive officer of Push Gaming, James Marshall.

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