Records set and huge prizes won at EPT Barcelona

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Records set and huge prizes won at EPT Barcelona

The European Poker Tournament exceeded expectations with huge winnings in Barcelona.

During the European Poker Tour a lot of new bars were set. The tournament took place from the 8th to the 21st of August at the prestigious Casino Barcelona. Having incorporated more than 60 individual events in conjunction with the ESPT (the Estrellas Poker Tournament), the two weeks were packed with action.

First of all, the main EPT event demonstrated quite a significant magnitude, bringing in about 2300 players, which conversely, was actually lower than the other league. Despite that, the main occasion offered a bigger prize fund of over 11 million euros.

The finishing match that was set to determine the winner was unforgettably exhilarating. At the end of it, in a surprising turn of events Giuliano Bendinelli won the game in spite of a win appearing impossible at the start. The champion won a mighty payout of over 1.5 million euros.

Additionally, the lowest payout in the EPT was a pretty respectable sum of almost 6 thousand euros and the total number of finalists was around 330.

Next up, let’s discuss the ESPT league running in parallel. This was the largest ESPT series ever, with more than 6300 participants, beating the previous record figure set back in 2017 in the Czech Republic that was barely over 5000. A part of the attraction was undoubtedly the pretty sizable 6 million euro prize pool.

Out of all the participants, awards were won by just shy of a thousand of them, with the smallest winnings being a bit under 2 thousand euros. However, the winner of the contest, Rick Van Bruggen representing the Netherlands, took home a colossal 600 thousand euros. The second place on the podium was claimed by the British poker professional Jack Sinclair, who won a bit over 375 thousand euros.