REEVO and Onlyplay started new partnership

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REEVO and Onlyplay started new partnership

REEVO, a fastmoving content and platform supplier, has just welcomed Onlyplay, a distinguished and relatively new supplier of games.

Onlyplay will smoothly involve its content in the REEVO platform. By doing this, it will give Onlyplay a chance to enlarge its foothold in a bigger market of casino partners that REEVO has. In the outcome, these operators will have availability to Onlyplay’s wide range of cuttingedge and groundbreaking content offerings.

Onlyplay is an innovative studio renowned for its forwardthinking approach to crafting games that satisfy players. Content is infused with imaginative elements, engaging mechanics, and exciting tools. Furthermore, Onlyplay supports both cryptocurrency and fiat currencies, giving flexibility to players.

The Sales Chief at REEVO, Petra Maria Poola said:

Despite being a relatively young member in this industry, Onlyplay could have an enormous impact with its outstanding games that resonates strongly with the next generation of players. This focus on catering to the preferences of future gamers aligns perfectly with the goals and aspirations of many of our esteemed casino partners, making Onlyplay an invaluable addition to our platform.

Christina Muratkina, Chief Executive at Onlyplay, mentioned:

Both companies have embarked on a groundbreaking collaboration aimed at transforming the landscape of the iGaming industry. The shared vision between REEVO, dedicated to elevating the online casino practice, and Onlyplay, renowned for their dedication to progressive game development, creates an ideal synergy. This collaboration has the potential to deliver users unmatched excitement and bring in a new entertainment period that elevates the level of play to previously unheardof heights. REEVO and Onlyplay have the potential to completely alter how people view and enjoy gaming.

REEVO, with its fastgrowing reach, has successfully partnered with over 70 esteemed collaborators. This collaboration has resulted in an impressive library of 8K+ titles, encompassing slots, table games, and immersive live gaming experiences. These diverse offerings are curated from toptier thirdsource providers. Demonstrating their ongoing dedication to progress, REEVO aims to incorporate about 60+ game studios into its platform this year, further enhancing the gaming practice for its users.



Onlyplay is a distinguished supplier of cryptocurrency–friendly gaming content, suggesting diverse selection of thrilling games, that are elevated with captivating gamification elements and grou...